Smartphones have taken away our social life, how long we spend our time every day? 2, 3, 4, hours? How long if the count for 1 year? In one day, only 24 hours, 7-8 hours for sleeping, 3-4 hours for your gadget. Almost half day our time takeaway, 7-8 hours for working, sometimes we stole our working hours to play with a gadget. It conditions exclude someone who worked with the gadget to support in their job. 

How about  social life? for family, friends, best friends, sometimes we don’t just say “hello” by our social media, as like WA, BBM, or others socmed.  We must meet them, spend special our time to build social relations with many ways. As like come and join wedding party, reunion with the old friend, join to school event, etc. This important to build our sensitivity to another person, someone who has spent their time build his social life by social media tends to selfish. Maybe this conclusion to hurry, but we can check our neighbourhood, our friends in office, our kids at home.

“Gadget Freak”, people called someone who all day along busy with their gadget and didn’t have social relations in the real world. By piece by piece, our social relations in real world transferred to cyberspace, but we don’t know. This generation in future is losing opportunity enjoy their life in real world, like our generation. In the past, when we grow, we always make relations in real world, now this moment is very difficult, game online, socmed, and other socmed applications robbed our life in real world.